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Born in Madrid, Spain on the 25th of June, 1967. Married with two daughters still living in this city. She graduated from Law school at the Complutense University in Madrid and also owns a diploma in Genealogy, heraldry and nobility by Salazar and Castro institute.

She practiced law for six years, specializing in civil and labor law. She worked as a documentary on the books of "La insigne orden del Toisón de Oro" and "La orden Real de España", historical essay.

In 1997 she published her first novel "La Princesa de Éboli". After the success, she left the practice of law to devote herself exclusively to literature. This first novel was followed by another ten works of different kinds.

Recognized by critics as one of the leading writers of current historical novel, her books have come to stay more than four months on the bestseller lists, with numerous editions and translated into several languages.

She continues writing, lecturing on literary and historical forums and working as a columnist in newspapers and national magazines.

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